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Family Owned & Operated Since 1946

About Us

about us

Moss Well Drilling Crew

Our president’s grandfather Guy Amos started Guy Amos Well Drilling after he acquired 25 years of experience in the well-drilling field. After Bruce’s father, Gene, served in World War II, he began working for his father-in-law, and together they expanded the business to include plumbing and heating. By 1958, Gene took over the business due to the illness of Guy and renamed the business Gene Moss and Sons. During the ‘50s, ‘60s and ‘70s, Gene’s three sons grew up and worked for the business.
After military service in Vietnam – where he drilled wells for the Navy due to his experience – Darrell, Bruce’s brother, returned to the family business. In 1972, the business was incorporated as Moss Well Drilling, Inc. with Gene and Darrell as co-owners. Together they grew and made the business prosper. Bruce and his other brother Kent both attended college and pursued other careers.
1987 brought a change in Bruce’s life that inspired him to go back to his roots, which brought him back to Moss Well Drilling, Inc. 1988 brought about tragedy; Darrell had an unexpected illness that took his life. Bruce (president) partnered up with Frank Graves (vice president) and purchased the business from Gene. Gene retired and became a valued consultant until his death in 2006.
Frank grew up in Greentown, Indiana, and brought 20 years of experience with him, including work in oil field drilling. Moss Well Drilling, Inc. is still based in Galveston but has expanded to serve customers in over 30 counties.