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Avoid Environmental Disaster With Regular Septic Inspections

Your home or business’s septic system is a complex wastewater management structure. You have your indoor plumbing that leads out into the leach lines, the septic tank and the filtration layer. Should any of these become compromised, you could be in serious trouble as the waste that is being removed and filtered through the system is considered an environmental hazard.

Waste Seepage

If you have damage to any component of your system, you may be seeping toxic matter into the ground without even realizing it. The major parts of your wastewater management structure are under the soil, and you won’t know if you are leaking waste unless you have regular inspections.

Environmental Hazard

If any part of your system is leaking waste matter, you’ve got an environmental issue that can be very expensive to mitigate. Not only will you need to replace the parts of your septic system that have failed, but you may also be stuck with a costly bill to clean up the hazardous waste.
Your wastewater can back up into your home as well, particularly if your tank is full or your lines become clogged. This is dangerous for your family, and the importance of septic inspections cannot be understated. Contact Moss Well Drilling, Inc. at 574-699-6773 today to ensure that your system is in tip-top shape.