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How to Detect a Water Pump Issue

Water pumps are used in a variety of mechanisms from small wastewater pumps to large industrial units. Either way, you need to be aware of when something has gone wrong, so you can start fixing the underlying problem.

Loud Noises

Water pumps should be able to do their jobs with minimal sound. Something may have gotten knocked loose and is banging around in there. Additionally, you need to be mindful if your pump makes a buzzing sound any time it is turned on.

Failing to Start

This is an incredibly serious problem because it means that simple repairs are no longer going to cut it. Your pump has likely broken completely at this point and needs to be swapped out with a new one.

Tripped Circuit Breaker

Another problem is whenever you turn on your water pump and the circuit breaker trips. This is an indication that your pump is drawing too much electricity from the main power source. This is inconvenient, and it will make the entire system operate less efficiently.
There are plenty of signs that a water pump needs maintenance or replacement. Do not delay getting the service you need or else you will be without your pump for a while. Contact Moss Well Drilling, Inc. at 574-699-6773 for more information related to water pumps.