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How To Drill A Well

We’re not giving away any industry secrets here, it takes a lot of specialized equipment and know-how to be able to drill a well. If you don’t know what you are doing, you just end up with a giant hole.
Well drilling is an art, really. As far back as Abraham in the bible, people have been digging wells to obtain water. As long as people have been digging wells, other people have been coming up with ways to determine where water exists below ground. Ancient water diviners used a forked stick supposedly to find water. Sometimes even today we still have to make the best guess and hope we get lucky.
There is a lot more geological data available, but until you insert the drill into the ground, you never know if the water source is still available. Moss Well Drilling, Inc. uses a system of tests to provide information on your well investment.

Our testing determines…

  • The likelihood of finding water
  • How deep to drill
  • The mineral content of the water
Trust your well drilling needs to the professionals with years of experience; contact Moss Well Drilling, Inc. today to discuss your water needs.