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Three Important Aspects of Well Inspections

Whether you suspect an issue with your home’s well, haven’t had a checkup for a while or are out looking for your next property, there are important aspects of a well inspection that shouldn’t be overlooked. Here are three facets of your groundwater pit that should be assessed.

Check Your Source

Water quality can change at a moment’s notice. An upstream underground rupture can send in heavy metal or other pollutant contamination without anyone’s awareness. By taking samples of the raw water in your well, an inspector can check for the presence of a number of toxins.

Review Your Treatment Plan

There may be filters, a water softener or another treatment method in place at the well site. However, these systems need regular maintenance, and as the point above shows, may need to be adjusted as the quality of the source changes.

Inspect Structural Integrity

The earth is dynamic, moving and shifting constantly. A structure built years ago may have been weakened due to any number of factors, showing cracks outside of plain view. When you can catch such issues early on, they’re usually easier and cheaper to address.
Your clean, functioning water source can provide you and your household with independence from utility companies. For more information on the importance of well inspections, contact Moss Well Drilling, Inc.