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Understanding How Geothermal Loops Work for You

Modern conveniences often require the use of energy. Unfortunately, some energy sources may contribute to climate change and pollution. Geothermal energy, however, is generally environmentally friendly and can be a great source of energy.

How Does It Work?

Geothermal energy is the natural energy that comes from the earth’s crust. A system utilizing a heating pump, special liquid and a loop field can work together to get this natural heat to produce electricity and to heat or cool your home.
The loops are pipes that normally go from the ground to your home. The liquid which absorbs the heat from the earth is normally moved via these loops by a heating pump. During the winters, the system may pump the heat into your home. During the summers, though, the system will typically distribute the heat away from your house.

Types of Loops

The layout of these pipes will often depend on the size of your property. If your property is small, then you will usually need to use vertical loops, which are inserted deep into the ground through drilled holes.
If your property is large, on the other hand, you may be able to use horizontal loops. These are typically laid closer to the surface, so drilling is usually not necessary. Nevertheless, they will normally need a lot of land in order to have enough piping for the system to work.
Geothermal energy can provide an environmentally conscious energy source for your home. Contact Moss Well Drilling, Inc. at 574-699-6773 to learn more about geothermal loops.