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Improve Your Heating and Cooling System in Indianapolis With Geothermal Loops

geothermal loops
Moss Well Drilling, Inc. wants you to enjoy the benefits of geothermal heating and cooling. How does it work? Put simply, a collection of underground lines transfers heat either into or out of a building. Although air temperatures fluctuate greatly between day and night and across seasons, ground temperatures below the earth’s surface remain relatively constant. Shallow underground temperatures hover around 55° in Indiana, warmer than the air on an average winter day and cooler than most summer days. So what’s not to love about a system of geothermal loops at your home or business? In short, some of the benefits are:
  • Making your home or business more comfortable by eliminating extreme temperatures
  • Increasing the efficiency of your AC in warm weather and heater in cool weather
  • Decreasing your carbon footprint
  • Lowering your energy costs

A Comparison of Horizontal and Vertical Options

Property owners who own a fair amount of land can take advantage of shallow trenching and a horizontal geothermal loops orientation. Systems can be installed under a lawn or before a parking lot is poured and easily connected to heating and air conditioning units.
For those with less space, a vertical system may be the only feasible option. We’ll use our equipment to bore anywhere between 50-400 feet deep. From there, we’ll drop pipes that form a loop and attach to a heat pump. In a vertical configuration, pipes are often grouted to enhance heat transfer and protect groundwater.

Keeping Residents Comfortable in Central Indiana

We can install new or service existing systems, so if you’re looking for geothermal loops, a water well or a septic inspection, let us know how we can serve you. If your home or business is in Indianapolis or Central Indiana, give us a call at 574-699-6773.