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Contractors Assisting With Well Water Pump Problems in Indianapolis

water pump installations
Water pump Installation
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Has your well pump weakened or gone bad? Certain submersible models can last 25 years, but factors such as great depth or excessive wear can wear a motor out more quickly. The following are some signs of a tired or failing pump:
  • Lower than normal pressure
  • Unfamiliar noises coming from the well or pipes
  • Air spitting loudly out of faucets
  • Unexpected spike in the electric bill (potentially a sign that it was working extra hard before burning out)
  • Dirty water

In any of the above cases, Moss Well Drilling, Inc. can send someone out to your Indianapolis or central Indiana location to troubleshoot the well water pump and recommend a solution.

Let Us Handle Installation and Replacement

If your pump needs replacement, or if you recently had a well drilled, we can help you decide on the best solution. The following describes two of the most common types:
  • Jet pump. This type is installed above ground. It pulls water up a narrow diameter pipe, making it a great solution for shallow wells. Consumers whose demand is relatively low can benefit from the value these models offer. 
  • Submersible pump. This is the most common and often the most efficient and durable way of drawing water up from a well. The motor stays inside of the aquifer and sends liquid upward.

Proudly Serving Homes and Businesses in Central Indiana

Our company is well known in the Indianapolis and central Indiana areas, where you’ll find hundreds of successfully completed projects. Give us a call at 574-699-6773 if you need water conditioning treatment or a new pump; we’ll be happy to help you.