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Experienced Water Well Drilling Company Serving Indianapolis Since 1946

water well drilling
Is water a friend or foe? It all depends on the source. Clean water does the body good. Water lubricates your joints, assists with the transport of oxygen throughout the body and is the first building material of every new cell your body creates. The contaminated variety, on the other hand, causes illnesses and can come with dire consequences. Moss Well Drilling, Inc. has been helping Indianapolis and Central Indiana residents and business owners secure their own safe, independent supply of H2O since 1946.

Helping Central Indiana Residents

Although geologic data is freely available, no one really knows what’s underground at a specific site until they tap the source. That’s why we test early and often, to ensure your investment is made with a basis in facts. Tests will help us understand how deep we’ll need to drill, along with gathering an understanding of the quality of the water. From there, we’ll use our boring equipment to drill down and handle water pump installation. In cases of hardness or high mineral content, we can recommend and install softeners. We have experience with all kinds of residential, commercial and agricultural projects. We’re so sure about the quality of our work that your drilled well comes with a warranty. We keep up with the latest scientific findings via our memberships to the IGWA (Indiana Ground Water Association) and NGWA (National Ground Water Association). Rest assured that you’re in good hands while we work on your property as we are licensed, bonded and insured.

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We’re proud to have served the Indianapolis and Central Indiana areas for three generations. If you’re looking for water well drilling at your business or residence, please get in touch. Schedule a consultation by calling 574-699-6773.