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Thoroughly Inspecting Wells and Septic Systems in Indianapolis

wall septic inspections
Chemistry is a dynamic part of the natural and built environments. Fluctuating temperatures, geological changes and aging equipment can all contribute to a difference in water quality from when your well was first installed until today. If you’re buying a new home in the Indianapolis area, a well inspection from Moss Well Drilling, Inc. can help you understand what you’re really getting into. Here’s what the service entails:
  • Water sampling – after drawing from the well, we’ll deliver a small bottle to a local lab where they’ll check nitrate and bacteria levels
  • Tank check – we’ll look closely at the storage tank, searching for damage and water logging
  • Pump test – we’ll run the pump and evaluate its performance, specifications and connection to the tank
  • Electrical check – this is to report on ground, amp draw and wire continuity

Get an Inspection Before Purchasing a New Home

Before you sign a contract to purchase a new home, testing an existing septic system should be on your list. Part of the reason for this is that these tanks require maintenance, and there’s no way to guarantee the previous owner took care of their equipment. An effective test with little impact starts with observing the water level from a tank opening.
Water inside of the house is then run for at least 30 minutes, toilets are flushed and the results are observed. Wastewater shouldn’t daylight into a local stream. If it does, it’s likely an outright violation of the local building code and needs to be fixed immediately.

Hire Us for All of Your Real Estate Testing Needs in Central Indiana

We handle more than just inspections and water testing. We’ve been doing water well drilling since 1946, and in more recent years have been installing geothermal loops to keep homes comfortable. Find us in Indianapolis and Central Indiana by calling 574-699-6773.